Wednesday 31 July 2013

The Challenge

Ok, so 30 day challenges and even 265 challenges aren't new, what makes this one different?

Well nothing really! The only difference is for me. Over the previous two years I have used generic suggestions but this year the challenges have been set by you - my friends and followers, and I thank you all for your fantastic suggestions. Hopefully, as they are your suggestions rather than the nationally published suggestions, you as the observers will find it more engaging, waiting to see what I might come up with for your own chosen day.

I have to say, all suggestions are do-able, although some will involve more planning ahead. (Thankfully one kind soul said they spared me the challenge of photographing freshly fallen snow! ...but then again!) Others are the sort which will be a 'let's get up on the morning and see how this brief can be fulfilled' type. I would love it if you would stay with me throughout the month and share if you will.

What about the rules? Well nothing too complicated. Simply:

-The picture is to be taken on the designated day. (I will endeavour to include a grab of the meta-data as proof)
-Barring exceptional circumstances, the image will be posted on my blog before midnight on the designated day.
-I am allowed artistic licence when interpreting the brief.
-Have fun.

And now, the list you have been waiting for. Listed in simple terms, here is the full month (More details about each challenge will be included with the image when it is posted)

 1st   Dexter cattle
 2nd  Owl
 3rd   Something decaying
 4th   Seashells (B&W)
 5th   Hare
 6th   Gothic (B&W)
 7th   Seven
 8th   Waterfall / wet
 9th   Dog
10th  Heat
11th  Roadkill (Colour)
12th  Zwartbles sheep
13th  Galloping horse
14th  Quartz
15th  For a 12 year-old birthday boy
16th  Maze
17th  Special (B&W)
18th  Weeping willow
19th  Love (B&W)
20th  Proper classic yacht (B&W)
21st  Underwater via aquarium / fish tank
22nd Duck (Colour)
23rd  Seasonal plums
24th  Allotment site record
25th  Stirs emotions - why?
26th  Sound (Colour)
27th  Cafe racer (B&W)
28th  Light
29th  Clarinet & player
30th  Young singers (Colour)
31st  Urban fox

Here goes...


  1. Wow - brilliant,
    both my suggestions are in your list. I wasn't aware that the challenge is to actually: "Take the picture on the designated day." Sorry for making it so difficult, but as you have accepted it, I assume you see a chance for yourself to succeed.
    I hold my fingers crossed for tomorrow and look very much forward to your result which will be another fantastic photo - surely.
    In exchange, I will design the promised banner for the exhibition starting on the 5 September tomorrow, with a hare for you, I think ;-)
    Let me know the size you need, if you prefer to get another one then last time.
    Best wishes,


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