Saturday 6 July 2013

Summer Evening

A balmy evening at the end of a hot summer day.
Yes, finally!
Today has been one of those summer days we have all been waiting for. Enjoying a chilled drink in the shade; dinner al-fresco; doors and windows flung wide; a restless mutt who can't decide whether to lie in the sunshine or flop in the shade... one of those sort of summer days.

And so, in the relative cool of the evening, we were finally able to take mutt for her walk. Just a mile or so from home, as we are lucky enough to be in wonderful gently rolling countryside. Perfect to escape from the the buzz of daily life, and easy to find peace and tranquility. Yet we are only a few miles from a motorway; a mainline railway; a busy airport.

However, right around us there is still a busy world of nature. Crane flies browsing on the umbelliferous flower heads, frog hoppers discarding their cuckoo-spit as glistening droplets...

No hot pavements to super-heat weary shop-trudging feet here.
No city crowds to jostle with.
No fume regurgitating vehicles to dodge.
Just the buzzy-ness of nature.

It is the busy world I prefer.

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