Thursday 25 July 2013

Llama Surprise

We've probably all seen llamas in a zoo but today I was quite surprised to find them in the rural backwaters of East Sussex, having been commandeered to go with himself as a spare pair of hands on a job of his, and before ending up on a follow-up progress shoot.

The farm has a whole herd of these haughty camelids, who greeted me and my camera with quizzical indigence. These two were in the process of being brushed and prepared  to receive visitors, and I wasn't that visitor.

They certainly weren't too keen to be seen during their preparations and frequently gave me the down-the-nose stare that their camel relations are expert at giving. Their heritage was also apparent when checking out their feet.  

Finally here were two llamas, ready to go trekking with the excited visitors, who were just arriving by car.

Forget ponies to keep the kids occupied these summer holidays. It appears you can take yourself off on a trek where you walk alongside these woolly characters.


Hmmm, think I might just stick with mutt as my walking companion though!

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  1. We have alpacas very near here and I once taught a child who had 2 llamas on their farm on the Suffolk/Essex border. I'm not sure I'd like to ride one!


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