Monday 7 February 2011

Postcard from West Cork

What a difference a day makes. After the high winds and battering rain that were with me as I went to bed last night, I was surprised to wake up to sunshine and peacefulness this morning. I made the most of this beautiful day and was out with my Canon until I had filled both of the memory cards I had with me. As I can't process anything until I get back to my Power Mac at the end of the week, the images I bring you until then are all from my point and shoot, so I do apologise for the lower quality.

As the evening sunshine came, I took my p&s down to the little strand and gathered some images of a few things that start to make this area so special.

The wide variety of birds and wildlife.
The green fields surrounded by weather-beaten stone walls.
Chimneys venting the distinctive sweet smell of the turf fire.
Strands that have a wonderful medley of pebbles and seaweed.
Rock pools full of vibrant colour.
Lichen, an indicator of clean air.

I shall sleep well tonight.

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