Sunday 6 July 2014

Saffron Walden Carnival Procession 2014

It is an event that comes around once every three years and is superbly organised by the Saffron Walden Round Table. Eight days of events, many taking place in the big marquee on The Common, and which is where the many amazing floats assembled yesterday for the Carnival Procession.

With the theme of 'Carnival of Nations' there were many different interpretations but all those involved had put in huge amounts of work, with the hope of equally large crowds coming out and lining the streets to watch them parade by.
For the procession three years ago, it was a lovely day but that couldn't be said for Saturday. The clouds hung black and heavy and it wasn't long before the heavens opened, just as the procession was setting off.

It failed to dampen spirits and over a period of four hours, the procession wound its way around the town, with buckets and nets collecting all the contributions, and which someone now has the joy of counting! And as always it will be an incredible sum for charity.

Without any further ado, I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves - my take on the day being the little details that can often be missed.


(By clicking on the first image, it will open up all the images into a viewer)

And so was the rain-hampered procession a success?                        Well now!

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  1. It looks a wonderful occasion. I'm sure that the rain didn't dampen anything except material things :-)

    1. Thankfully there was a dry spell in the middle Su which helped and even then it was that drizzly rain which was more bearable. Great event though :-)


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