Wednesday 11 July 2012

Cambridge Open Studios 2012

With only a few days to go before I open my doors again for Cambridge Open Studios the panic is starting to set in. (Eeeek!) Not only about how my gallery/studio space appears but whether I have selected the right work to showcase. It has been so difficult to choose what to include when I have several years of images I that I can go back through and that also qualify for the 'Local' title. Needless to say I won't be able to please all of the people all of the time.

So how have I decided? Well, for my 'Local' theme this year I am presenting an eclectic dip into all things local that have influenced my work over the past few years. This won't be a collection of 'postcard-style' images of landmarks, although there are some familiar places featured (as the image above). This will be a showcase of images captured during pivotal moments whilst out and about with my camera, special moments, purposely photographed moments and, happy accident moments. Indeed, as a photographer, I carry a camera of some form with me pretty much all the time, so, I am always looking for pictures and I can often catch those moments when others might have said "If only I'd had my camera with me" Some of the images took hours of patience to capture, others, just a split second but all are local (within 30 miles or less) and all have a significant place in the catalogue.

I will be happy to chat about the background to the images with anyone who visits my Open Studio but hope that the work will speak for itself as to the breadth of subject I cover. I will be delighted to discuss any projects that you might have, both photographically and also book arts. With a couple of book art commissions currently in progress, I hope to have some work in action on show too, although this depends on how many visitors come funnelling through my door.

It just remains for me to invite you to my Open Studios as part of Cambridge Open Studios 2012.

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July
Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd July

11am – 6pm

Look forward to seeing you!

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