Thursday 5 July 2012

Olympic Torch is Coming to Saffron Walden!

When strolling through town on my way to the park with mutt this morning, I was greeted by the first flutter of Olympic bunting to appear in town ahead of the visit of the Torch on Saturday.

The war memorial, now positively glowing after a recent clean, was already wrapped with the first metres of the colourful London 2012 flags whilst the other side of the High Street was still in the process of 'being dressed'


Now let's hope for fine weather when the show rolls into town at lunchtime on Saturday, where I will be out and about with my camera, of course.
I leave you with a thought- Wonder how many miles of the Olympic bunting will have been draped on the torch route by the time it reaches London?


  1. Some used Olympic bunting already for sale on Ebay!

    Have fun on Saturday, hope waterproofs aren't needed.


  2. As was the first torch, I understand!
    Should be an interesting day.


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