Saturday 5 November 2011

Firework Display 2011

Armed with tripod and the remote shutter release on my 5Dii, I ventured out into the misty and slightly damp evening, to join thousands of others for our local firework spectacular.
I had done the same on a lovely clear evening last year but this time I wasn't so hopeful at bagging the same nice shots as before.

The misty sky hampered the all important first shot tonight. Important as this is normally when the view is clearest and so it is wise to grab these shots before the smoke sets in. Instead I had to concentrate on the display lower down in the sky, at the point where the treeline crossed the horizon, as unfortunately the large and splendid chrysanthemum-like explosions were way up into a low cloud base instead.

Never the less, I manged to capture a few shots from this years impressive display, although 2010 had provided a more successful collection for me, including the aftershow shots around the sideshows. I decided not to hang around in the ever-dampening (but not raining) conditions for a repeat go at these images this year though.

My thanks to Saffron Walden Round Table for the all the hard work in putting on a great FREE firework display again this year.
I hope they have been able to collect loads of money in their charity buckets.


  1. Looks like you still managed to bag a few great shots though. I decided to just become a spectator this year and put the camera away...which I'm already regretting!

  2. Thank you.
    It is hard to fully appreciate firework displays through the viewfinder of a camera. Sometimes it is nice just to watch.


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