Friday 7 October 2011


They say a workman should never blame his tools but actually, I am going to qualify that by saying I had the wrong tools this morning.

As the weather has been less than favourable for cameras since I arrived in West Cork, I have kept my 5D mkII in the bag, instead choosing to use my G12, which can easily be stowed away in a pocket when the frequent showers arrive. So, this morning, as I took mutt for her walk on the strand, I actually had my G12 in my hand rather than my pocket, as the weather was looking far more promising.

I have commented before in my blog, that whilst generally I am really pleased with my little G12, it fails big time when it comes to using the far end of the digital zoom. Here, today, it failed me. This lovely shot of a cormorant in a West Cork coastal scene presented itself to me, and oh, if only I had had my 5D mkII and my 100-400 lens I would have been rather chuffed with this picture. Sadly, I am not quite so chuffed as I have had to work on subduing the undesirable effect of sharpening that the G12 seems to apply on 'max-zoom'. That annoying halo effect that appears around all the edges, just as it would with over zealous use of the sharpen tool in Photoshop. Speaking of Photoshop, I have the old CS2 version here along with an old low-res screen that thinks nothing of flitting through the whole spectrum at will. Again, I seem to have the wrong tools, but as that is all I have here, I will have to make do, so, if you spot any inadequacies in this post, please accept my apologies.

On a positive note, it has been a beautiful calm, sunny day today so the 'the big camera' made a welcome return to the stage this evening. Better go check what I laid down on that memory card now.

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