Saturday 21 May 2011

The Wind that Shakes the Barley

On a beautiful summer-like, yet only May morning, I was being mesmerised by the beautiful effect of the wind blowing through the barley fields.

I have always loved that smooth shimmer as the green or golden ears of barley bend and sway in the wind causing an urge to want to touch or stroke the whole field, as a blanket made of velvet. Impossible of course, but then in these dream-like surroundings the reality is...

...suddenly shattered by three police helicopters flying towards me and who deviate slightly to take a look at mutt and me in the middle of the barley field.
"I only have a bag full of p**, honestly, officer!" was all I could think, before the unmistakable sound of not one but four Chinook helicopters noisily and rhythmatically chopped the air, shaking me and no doubt, the field of barley with the pressure waves.

Later, once back at home, I was alerted to a distant sound, recognisable enough for me to grab my camera and dash out into the garden to see first, a Sea King helicopter, followed by a (United States Marine Corps) Chinook,

followed by two (Met) police helicopters, followed by three more Chinook helicopters. Who knows what they were up to, but what I do know it was the wind that Chinook the barley!

PS. After a bit of searching it seems I am wrong with my identifications. Sea King, infact (2 x) Sea Hawk, Chinook, possibly Sea Knights, and it is all to do with the Obama visit next week (a fact which had completely escaped me.)
To confirm, I was carrying a bag of p** .

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