Thursday 31 March 2011

The Truth About Lions BBC 2

Romeo, King of the Marsh Pride

Watching these two programmes on BBC 2 last Wednesday 23rd and again last night, rekindled some fantastic memories for me.

Back in October of 2009, I took a trip to the Masai Mara where I was fortunate to spend an afternoon observing the now famous, Marsh Pride. This was a treat in itself, having followed the stories of this pride on several series of The Big Cat Diaries. But to be there in the company of big cat expert and award winning photographer, Jonathan Scott, it couldn't have been much better. (Although an earlier mishap might have caused us to miss the Marsh Pride but more about this another time.)

Jonathan was accompanying our delegation of Canon photographers for the week-long trip, imparting his expert knowledge, both about the wildlife and on how to achieve the best from wildlife photography. As we sat quietly in the 4x4, only a matter of feet from a realxing Romeo and his 'three graces', we learned from Jonathan, amongst other things, the way to recognise the individual lions. The whisker marks are as individual as our finger prints and the blackness of the nose indicates the age of the lion.

We were able to capture some amazing images during this afternoon with the pride, but only gaining just a tiny glimpse into the lives of these lions that Jonathan has been expertly following for over thirty years.


Romeo, King of the Marsh Pride, is available as a high quality framed giclee print, by sending a request via an email through my website.

It may be still possible to catch last weeks programme on iPlayer
and this weeks programme will be available for another week

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