Saturday 19 March 2011

Taking Life for Granted

We are fortunate that we have a healthy life, here in the UK. We take it for granted that we can go to bed each night with no worries about the possibility of contracting a life-threatening ilness over-night. We take it for granted that we have clean drinking water always in plentiful supply.

A trip to Africa some months back, opened my eyes to exactly how fortunate we are.

We always had mosquito nets provided for our beds (although we checked for holes before use!) Many Africans do not have this simple but essential aid to prevent contracting malaria. They cost around £10 to supply but this is beyond the means of many families.

We always had clean bottled water. Many Africans will walk for hours to the nearest dirty, disease-ridden water hole every day, to fill several 10 gallon plastic containers, before the long back-breaking treck home. This is often done by the children before they (if they are fortunate enough) go to school. A local doctor told us that probably 30% of her patients presented with ilnesses that could be prevented if they had access to clean water.

We saw a simple solution- the colloidal silver terracotta water filters. These locally made clay pots were lined with colloidal silver that acted as a purifier as the water filtered through the terracotta. So simple, and yet the smallest family-sized version, costing around £15 was again way beyond the means of most of the people.

Comic Relief supports these simple but effective measures for saving lives in Africa 

Having been there and seen how their lives could be transformed with these simple actions. I knew I should put my money where my mouth is.

By asking you to simply add your name to my Red Nose Day 2011 page posted yesterday, I will donate £1 for each name added between Friday and midnight on Sunday. 

Go there now!

Thank you.

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