Friday 11 March 2016


A week ago I flew off to a city I had last visited around 15 years ago, and was delighted to be making a return visit. This was to be a pure indulgence visit - not shooting for work but shooting for pleasure, and it was also be an opportunity to meet a lovely Dutch friend of similar situation who is also an enthusiastic photographer with a keen eye.

Leaving the sunshine behind in the UK, I landed into some wintry weather, giving rise to some shots I had not expected to see during my visit.

However, by the next morning, the sun had caught up with us and we spent a fascinating day people-watching in Dam Square and the environs of the De 9 Straatjes.

Here's Looking at You. 1

Here's Looking at You. 2

Here's Looking at You. 3

The Kiss. 1

It was impossible not to find shops with traditional Dutch souvenirs, including the typical blue and white Delft ware which came in all shapes and sizes. Appropriate too that this kissing couple was mirrored for real on the Kees De Jongenbrug - Kees De Jongen (Kees the Boy) being a famous Dutch novel about a boy and his first love, Rosa. However unlike the pottery couple who keep their hands to themselves, this modern day Rosa needed to hang on! (Someone give her a couple of Yellow Pages too!)

The Kiss. 2

The Kiss. 3

Now, for a couple of Dutch cliches...

Bike on the bridge

Bike in the window

In the saddle

Then there were the selfies - loads of them.
Not any of me I might add, I'm rubbish at them.
But everyone else busying themselves with their selfies, oblivious to what was going on around them.

...iiiits selfie tiiime!!! 1

...iiiits selfie tiiime!!! 2

...iiiits selfie tiiime!!! 3

In fact, I got so engrossed with people taking selfies I'm going to dedicate another blog just to the phenomenon.

It also turned out to be a weekend of



Amsterdam Centraal...checking out

...and Automobiles.

Fiat 500...checking up

And why not finish off with some tulips from Amsterdam!


  1. So nice to see your great pics and travels again! Cannot wait to read your Selfie Blog! Selfies here there everywhere ��

  2. Thank you so much Tony! It has been a long time but I think I will gradually get back into it.
    Selfie blog in the next couple of days :-)

  3. Amsterdam is a dream for photo opportunities whatever the weather! This is a lovely selection, looks like you had a fun time x

    1. Thanks Celia. Isn't it just! Had a great photographic indulgence weekend.


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