Saturday 27 September 2014

Early Morning...

I'm normally a night owl, unless I'm forced otherwise - which is exactly what happened this morning. Having taken the graveyard-run ferry to Dublin last night, it meant we were on the road again just after 6am, on route back to our lovely West Cork escape. However, as we had done on a previous occasion, we had arranged to meet a photographer friend for an early morning shoot to make the most of the light, the place and opportunity, whilst providing a chance for mutt to stretch her achy legs, on a journey she is starting to find tiring in her old age.

The chosen rendezvous today was Glendalough, a beautiful spot in the Wicklow mountains, which I have visited on a couple of occasions but never on a clear, still morning like today. The view across the Upper Lake was stunning, when 'me, himself and mutt' finally arrived some 40 minutes after our friend, who had already bagged the sunrise shot. However, the early light remained in our favour for  some while, so whilst we clicked away with our cameras, himself chatted away to another early visitor who had arrived with a drone camera. (I fear someone might be getting ideas for a Christmas present after that meeting!!) That was all fine, until mutt decided it was more fun to bark at the drone, so she was swiftly escorted away by himself, to where we were working, and then happily continued to 'busy herself with bubbles' at the waters edge.

It was so peaceful and stunning there, real head clearing stuff but sadly we were mindful that we had to press on south-west...but not before we had all sat down to a hearty breakfast and a cuppa in a local establishment. Then it was onwards to West Cork, our visit this time being in part, the preparation time for my

Just a quick note to say there is just the last twin/double room available for 25th October - if anyone has ever fancied taking themselves away on a fun break, to learn the fundamentals of photography, whilst enjoying a mini holiday in stunning surroundings...
More details available in the link.

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