Tuesday 19 March 2013

St Patrick's Day Parade. Skibbereen 2013

The sun shone on Sunday for the St Patrick's Day parade in Skibbereen, West Cork, whilst not far away in Castletownbere, they braved their parade in the pouring rain. With only a few drops of rain being whisked in by a sharp breeze during the last few minutes of the parade, the people of Skibbereen were fortunate indeed.

These are just a few of my images from the day. There will be more to follow but I am suffering serious editing issues when it comes to volume, as my resident Mac here in West Cork is now rather too long in the tooth to cope with anything more than a couple of edits. (Is there a benevolent Mac donor out there?!)

Needless to say, just as soon as I have the rest of the images available, they will join this post. You may find some images to smile at, or some that are a series of images which tell a particular story. Meanwhile, enjoy what is here.

(All images are Copyright 2013 Ailec Photography. High resolution copies are available on request)

Don't you just love this one?

The splendid Labraid Loingseach which deserves a post all of its own before too long.

This is the point where I risked my life... boiled sweets ricocheted off my lens hood and my head!
And did St Patrick obtain the boiled sweet he longingly looked at?

No, he declined it.


  1. hi im a gealscoiler it was so much fun doing it my mom is one of the people in charge i love the pics they were amazing i hope u like it thanks so much for makeing us look fab

    1. And it was fun to watch too. Well done to you all!


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