Wednesday 6 March 2013

Mad March Hares

Hey, Listen-up all you sleepy-heads!

Spring is with us, and with Spring come the hares.
You know you have always wanted to see hares from close quarters, and even more so, you would love to photograph them, but don't think you have the skill or equipment to do so.
Well here is your chance.

On Sunday 17th March, there is a unique opportunity to visit Havergate Island in Suffolk, a haven for hares - and much, much more.

With exclusive access to the island, owned and managed by the RSPB, hares, birds, landscapes and nature in close-up will all be workshopped in this series of one day photographic events.

"Photography: Day of Discovery"  (Click for more details)

Places are filling up fast, and with only a few days to go before the first event, there is no time like now, to hop over to the link above.

If you can't manage that date, then tell someone else about it!
If you can't manage that date, then no worries. What about the April or May events?

Whatever, this is a unique opportunity to observe wildlife at close quarters, whilst four differently experienced tutors are on hand to guide you in aspects of photography.

Wake up to Spring!

Photography: Day of Discovery has been co-ordinated by Monika Koch in association with the Vodaphone 'World of Difference' programme

(Transport suitability and wildlife spotting subject to weather conditions)

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