Thursday 16 February 2012

With Fair Weather Comes...

The fair weather has returned, although I understand it may only be temporary. However, with the temperature a good 20 degrees higher than it was at the weekend, lots of things are starting to happen.

As I have already written, the hares are busy boxing but with the snow gone, they are now once again camouflaged against the field. The birds are heartily singing and the woodpeckers are drumming loudly. It was so lovely out on the walk with mutt in the countryside today, I actually returned home happily weary but peacefully refreshed.

Lunchtime however, was signalled by a crescendo of crackling babble outside, and it came from no creature you will find in a wildlife book. The broken peace actually heralded the arrival home of my better half. The fair weather had given him the excuse he had been hoping for – he just couldn't wait any longer. He had hopped onto his newly restored Italian two-wheeled machine to 'just go off for lunch' His reasoning-
"To try it out before the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival in April"

It wouldn't be right for me for me to class him as a fair weather rider as he doesn't seem to mind getting cold and wet, but with this little spell of fair weather there certainly came a fair weather bike. (He chooses not to ride it in bad weather as he does mind having to clean the bike afterwards!)
Look out for those fair weather bikes- they're starting to wake up.


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