Thursday 12 June 2014

Fit to Jump

My heart was in my boots as I sat in the doctor's waiting room this evening. (Well it would have been in my boots if I hadn't have been wearing sandals because of the heat!) Why was I so worried? With only 36 hours to go before my eagerly awaited tandem skydive, I had left it late to find out if I was actually fit. (Over a certain, ahem age, a certifiacte is needed) Not only would it be a disaster if I didn't get the stamp from my GP but it would be a let down to all those who have already generously donated funds to the RNLI for me to take part in this charity event. As I write, my total stands at £466.43, with every bit of that going to the RNLI as I will be paying the jump fees myself. (It was an agreement for all taking part that this fee would be allowable out of the funds raised)

As I sat and waited, I also wondered if the hoped for record breaking attempt to do the most charity skydives in one day was on course. I have since learnt that Skyline, the overall organisers of the event have announced that they are on target to exceed the 187 jumps achieved last year. So not only will I be jumping out of a plane for the first time, I might also be part of a record breaking team - How exciting!

So, the question was, would I be on my way to a Cambridgeshire airfield on Saturday morning or would I be wondering how to word a 'so sorry' announcement to all you kind folk out there who have helped me exceed my initial £400 target...

"Well. I have to say I think you are mad but I think you fill all the criteria to be fit to jump"

Whoopeee!!! Thanks doc!

There is still plenty of time to support me if you wish through the charity donations website

Thank you EVERYONE for your support :-D


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