Monday 12 May 2014

Escape to West Cork

It is the time for our annual May break in West Cork and I can't say how much I have been waiting to get back out here for an escape, after the many things that have been happening during recent weeks.
Our regular, if today, rather bracing walk around the Head blew away the cobwebs and we were once again able to sit and take in the beautiful views, the wonderful colours and the delights of watching gannets diving for fish, just off the rocks ahead of us.

I had simply gone out, armed only with my 24-105 lens and no filters, so the stunning colours are purely as seen.
Could it be any better? Well yes, if the wind would just calm down a bit, there might be the possibility of spotting a minke whale or two off the coast, or maybe even a basking shark, which are currently known to be in the area.
We can but hope.

As well as the stunning scenery, the fresh new growth is taking shape along the verges - the majestic gunnera, the wild garlic, and best of all, the first jewel-like glimpses of the flower of West Cork, the fuchsia.

Ahhhh! I can breathe again.


If you too would like to escape and enjoy the delights of West Cork whilst learning the basics of photography, I am announcing that I hope to be running exclusive short breaks in the Autumn.
Details are to be finalised, but if this appeals to you, please do register your interest and I can forward the information as it becomes available.

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