Wednesday 9 April 2014

Ace Cafe Triumph Triple Challenge 2014

Taking himself along with me, I spent an interesting Saturday evening up at the Ace Cafe London, having been invited to the 2014 Triumph Triple Challenge launch evening. Once again Ace Cafe are one of the sponsors for the series. The Daytona from the 2013 series, complete with fly-splattered fairing, was on show alongside the smart new No 82 for this coming 2014 series.
It was certainly one big buzzing party.

Whilst there, I took the opportunity to capture the ambiance of the place in a series of candid documentary images.

(Apologies for these few 'sepia' images - Im looking into why blogger has chosen to do this!!!)

As I write this post, Ace Cafe just have announced that an Ace Cafe USA will be opening in Orlando within the year,
to add to the Ace Cafe already in China.

That is going to make for one very long bike-ride out one weekend!

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  1. Brilliant Pics again a Celia and what a turn out! Nice Nostalgic feel and already in China wow that would be a road trip!!


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