Thursday 31 January 2013

Keeping an Eye on Things

Tomorrow will be the beginning of a new month. The month where traditionally the birds do their pairing up.
The month where there are fabulous opportunities to be had, out photographing the happenings in nature.
And do I want to be out there doing that? You bet!

However, there are happenings going on here at 'Ailec Towers' in the next month or two, and so you will have to forgive me if postings on my blog become a bit patchy. I will do my best to bring you anything fun, exciting and interesting of course but if you see nothing here, it's not because I don't want to share it with you, it is more a case of I just can't find a spare moment. All will become clear why in due course.

Just as this mother blackbird was keeping a beady eye on me today, for the next few weeks I will be keeping a motherly eye on some things too. Even so, I will have to pop up for air occasionally and I will certainly blog and give you all a wave whenever I can.
So, will you bear with me for a little while, please?
Thanks! I knew I could count on you and, as I know you are all so brill, I thought it was only polite to let you know about this temporary slow-up in advance.


  1. enjoy your next few busy weeks ;-)

    1. Thanks Su. Im sure when later, I look back on these bound to be, hectic few weeks, I will be able to enjoy the whole thing, but for now...!

  2. Another great pic and a nice rest bite from the still wintry feel here up north! I hope all your "Doings" are doing well!

  3. Thanks Tony, we are getting there...


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