Tuesday 1 December 2015

New Beginning...

The Milky Way over Lough Hyne

The cloud is finally clearing and it is the beginning of a new month, with new hopes, new dreams
...and a new future.
What better time to return to blogging - something I had enjoyed so much and so sadly, had got drawn away from.

My thanks to Y for encouraging me return.

This is MY Advent!


  1. Lovely! - I got home last night saw the potential to get a shot of the Milky Way as it was the perfect night....I did pass the opportunity up though, as it was cold and hadn't had my dinner yet... (bad excuse!)

    1. Thanks Nick - lovely to hear from you.
      I must do more with shooting the night sky - but its not great to do it here in Essex - too much light pollution. Best option is when in West Cork but even then distant towns cast their glow, as in this shot.


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